Zombie Special FX Kit - Walker

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Zombie Special FX Kit - Walker

Ripper FX Zombie Special FX Kit - Walker

Want to create a zombie all these products will help you create the ultimate zombie .

Save another extra 5% on your trade price with this combined Special FX kit for skin and facial hair work. Perfect for those interested in Special FX.


1 x Zombie RMG Wheel
1 x Liquid Latex 50ml
2 x Non Latex Wedges
1 x Black Eyeliner
1 x Mouth Blood Fresh
5 x Gelatine Empty Blood Capsules
1 x Runny Fresh Blood 30ml
1 x Black Stipple Sponge

How To Use:

RMG Grease Wheel: Use this wheel to colour your zombie face and arms. It can be applied directly to the face or over liquid latex if creating a latex and tissue skin texture. Easily blends colour to colour. Safe to use around the eyes and mouth.

Easily removed with soap and water at the end of the day

Liquid Latex  - Want to create a zombie skin texture. Apply a layer of liquid latex to the eyes , layer over some tissue paper or toilet rolls in thin layers. Push around to create lines and textures. Apply another layer or latex and repeat. Once desired effect is reached, dry with  a hairdryer. Once dry you can colour with the RMG wheel.

Black Eyeliner - Use the eyeliner around the eyes or to create add spooky lines on top of your latex creation.

Both the above products are suitable for silicone and latex prosthetics.

Mouth Blood: Want to add extra gore add some mouth blood outside your mouth, dribble around the mouth area and allow to fall to the chin. Blood will semi dry. Safe to swallow. Fresh minty flavour.

Gelatine Mouth Capsules: Want to add extra creepy effects these mouth capsules can create a last minute scare. Fill each capsule with the mouth blood. Once ready place the capsule in the mouth and bite down, The gelatine capsule will burst spreading blood into the mouth. Gelatine capsule with dissolve or can be swallowed.

Runny Fresh Blood:  Want to add extra blood to the face or hands . This runny blood can be spread across all body parts and mixed into your creation .

Enjoy creating your Zombie !


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