Special FX Kit L

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Special FX Kit L

Special FX Kit L

Save over 20% with this Special FX Kit Deal. Perfect for any Special FX Enthusiast.

Options: Add a Clear On-Set Organiser Bag. Just select at the options tab.

Need a starter Special FX kit for yourself or a gift? This is the kit for you. Includes everything you need to start creating bruises, basic wounds, sweat and dirt.


Sweat Concentrate 60ml

FX Gel Clear 60ml

Runny & Fresh Blood 60ml

Thick and dark 30ml

Mouth Blood Dark 60ml

Isopropyl Alcohol Spray 250ml

Large Bloody Dirty Alcohol Activated Palette

Sponges Wedges (x8 Pieces)

7cm Puffs x2

Metal Spatula

Metal Mixing Palette

Pocket Light Flesh Alcohol Activated Palette

Scab Blood 30ml

Jelly Blood 30ml

Psoriasis White 30ml

Dirt Dust Dark Brown 20g

Dirt Dust Volcanic 20g

Pro Stick 50ml

Spirit Gum 30ml

Spirit Gum Remover 50ml

Liquid Dirt Spray - Brun 100ml

Blister Gel 30ml

5 Makeup Brushes

Isopropyl 100ml

Latex 50ml

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