Glass Attack Special FX Kit - Spike

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Glass Attack Special FX Kit - Spike

Ripper Glass Attack Special FX Kit - Spike

Want to create a bloody glass attack all these products will help you create the ultimate one.

Save another extra 5% on your trade price with this combined Special FX kit for skin and facial hair work. Perfect for those interested in Special FX. 


1 x Nose and Scar Modelling Wax 55g
1 x Isopropyl Alcohol 50ml
1 x Liquid Latex 50ml
1 x Scab Fresh Blood 30ml
1 x Runny Fresh Blood 30ml
1 x Jelly Fresh Blood 30ml
2 x Black stipple Sponges
1 x 15g Bag of Siliglass
1 x Trio Cuts Grease Wheel
1 x Spirit Gum 30ml
1 x Spirit gum remover 50ml

How To Use:


Step 1: Add spirit gum to the area you wish to apply the wax. 

Step 2: Warm the wax between your fingers then apply on top of the spirit gum and push into shape using your fingers or a metal spatula. Blend out the edges until the wound looks like part of the skin. Hard edges can be blended with our Ripper FX Isopropyl Alcohol to blend the edges away to nothing. Once you are happy with your wounds you are ready to seal. 

Step 3: On the completed would stipple latex over the top to seal the wound on to the skin, allow to dry. Do multiple coats if required.

Step 4 : Add blood fx if required.

Step 5: Once you have finished with the wound remove from the skin with the spirit gum remover.

Trio Cuts Grease Wheel: Use this wheel to colour your cuts and create some abrasions on the skin using the black stipple sponge. It can be applied directly to the face or hair.Easily blends colour to colour. Safe to use around the eyes and mouth.

Easily removed with soap and water at the end of the day.

Runny Fresh  Blood: Want to add extra gore add some blood. You can drip from any wounds you create , smudge and pour the blood over the skin. Blood will semi dry. Safe to swallow. Fresh minty flavour.

Nose and Scar Modelling Wax : Use as directed above to creat some wounds to place the glass shards into.

Runny Fresh Blood:  Want to add extra blood to the face or hands . This runny bllod can be spread across all body parts and mixed into your creation .

Siliglass Fake Glass Shards: Add an extra dimension to your wounds by addiong in some shards of glass. Create your wounds with wax as directed above. Place in the shards or glass. They can be glued into place or pushed into the jelly or scab blod.

Clear fake glass shards made from silicone to safely create the illusion of shattered glass in special effect make up wounds or for use on set as props.

Siliglass can be used in the medium – large shard sizes as sold or easily snapped or crumbled to create a variety of realistic glass effects as required.

Brilliant for Halloween creations to add a professional slice of gore!

The shards are extremely lightweight so when crumbled they can be used into blood wounds and larger shards inserted into deeper SFX wounds.

Siliglass can be washed and re-used depending on the volume of glue used during application.

Jelly Fresh Blood: Fill you wax wounds with jelly blood to add extra depth. us eth grease wheels to add extra colour to the blood and the wax wound.

Spirit Gum: Apply before applying wax to the skin to help with extra adhesion. it can also be used onmtop of the wound mixed with a little alcohol as a sealer and powdered.

Spirit Gum Remover : At the end of the day you will need to remove the wax and use a little spirit gum remover to remove the extra adhesive. Be careful around the eye area.

Isopropyl Alcohol: Use the alcohol to blend the wax creation smooth, dilute alcohol colours, clean up at the end of the day, clean your brushes or dilute the grease and spirit gum.

Enjoy creating your Cuts and Glass wounds kit.



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