Skin Masque Camouflage Cream Concealer & Tattoo Cover 20g Stick

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Skin Masque Cream Tattoo Cover Sticks

Skin Masque Camouflage Cream Concealer & Tattoo Cover - Dark Palette

Skin Masque Camouflage Cream Concealer is a highly pigmentated cream designed for covering tattoos and correcting or concealing skin imperfections. Fully waterproof this formula offers up to 16 hours coverage and can easily be applied and dried in a few minutes.

Need to cover your tattoos for your wedding or work? Then this product is perfect.

Can also be used for a number of applications such as concealing birthmarks, correcting skin tones and hiding laser correction of tattoos.

  • Last 16+ hours  
  • No transfer onto clothes or costumes
  • Waterproof 
  • Smudgeproof 
  • No Cracking 
  • Buildable 
  • Creamy appearance 
  • Quick Drying 
  • High opacity for quick coverage 
  • Fast coverage for tattoos 
  • Friction Proof 
  • Can be combined with Ripper FX Ink palettes and concentrates. 
  • Can be combined with Skin Masque Mixing Medium to create long lasting foundation coverage. 
  • Extra seal available with our Skin Masque Sealer.
  • Housed in an airtight palette. This palette will not dry out like others on the market. 
  • Can be sealed with Skin Masque HD Powder if required.

Which Skin Masque Product Should I buy? 

Skin Masque is available in a 12 colour palette giving makeup artists or enthusiasts a wide option of colours to mix and match skin tones and flick on for extra dimensions. Currently we have light and dark palettes available.

20g Skin Masque Sticks:
Have an actor you have already matched in skin tone. These sticks are perfect for individual actor bags and quick touch ups on sets. They can also be used to refill the professional palettes

Skin Masque Sample/5g Refills:
Loving our palettes but using 1 colour a lot and need to refill? We offer individual sample/5g refills to top up your palette. 1 pack will fill a compartment fully. Product can be scraped and pressed back into the palette or for those who love a clean look purchase our melter to melt the product and pour back into the empty space.

Personal Use:  

Skin Masque 20g Sticks:
You may like to select one of our 20g twist up sticks. These sticks can be used directly on the skin or colour can be scraped for the stick and applied with a spatula. Select the colour that best matches for your skin tone. These sticks can also be used to refill professional palettes. 

Skin Masque Palettes:
Want more colour selection? You are welcome to buy our palettes and mix to your hearts content.

Skin Masque Sample/5g Refills:  
Not sure what colour you are or wish to try our product then select a Sample/5g Refill. Available in 20 skin tones and 1 Blue Neutraliuser. The product comes in a small closable container and is the most economical way to try our product. These refills also provide enough product to refill 1 compartment of the professional palettes. 

Application Techniques  

Tattoo Cover: 

Make sure skin is clean of oil, moisturisers and other materials before applying Skin Masque.

For quick tattoo cover apply blue neutraliser first with a spatula over the colourful part of the tattoo. Spread with the spatula then use a torn wedge to stipple the blue neutraliser to cover the tattoo. 

Allow to dry naturally or for fast applications use a cold hair dryer to speed up the process. 

Once dry use a palette to mix a perfect skin colour match using the variety of colours in your palette. Apply directly over the blue neutraliser and spread with the spatula. Again use a wedge to stipple the colour over and smooth any edges. If you require a colour adjustment, add a little extra colour direct to the skin and use the spatula or wedge to blend. Once the cover and colour is perfect allow to dry naturally or dry with a hairdryer. 

TIP: Brightly coloured tattoos will require blue neutraliser first to cover the colours.

 Neutral or line tattoos can be easily covered with just the skin colour. 

Adding extra realism for TV or film work: 
To add extra realism you can flick on extra colours to adjust, add freckles or add yellow, green and red tones. Dilute the cream on a mixing  palette with 99% isopropyl alocohol and use a tooth brush or stipple brush to flick on the colours. Only a very small amount can be needed to adjust the cover and make it blend perfectly.

If you would like to add individual freckles use a small brush to paint on freckle or mole colour. 

Skin Blemishes:
Pick a colour that is an exact match to your skin tone. Apply as above with a spatula over the desired area, use a wedge to blend into the skin. Leave to dry naturally or use a cool hairdryer. Add extra freckles, tones by flicking on diluted skin masque.
Follow the directions above if required.

Great for rosacea, spots, acne, vitiligo and concealment.


Skin Masque is a very hard wearing product and does not require an extra sealer for the product to stay in place. For battle scenes and underwater work you may like to add an extra barrier for piece of mind. We offer a Skin Masque Sealer for such occassions. This sealer can be applied through and airbrush or stippled on using a sponge.

If you choose to use a sealer from another brand please be aware that high contents of alcohol, oils or myristate may increase the degrading of Skin Masque. We suggest you stick to the Skin Masque sealers or carefully check ingredients of the one you wish to use and patch test before using for a vital scene.

All information provided on this website is for educational purpose only as guidelines. Customers must engage in their own research, tests, costume patch tests and judge each product for the suitability of their use. Every effort is made to ensure this product will not stain or degrade materials. The Make-Up Foundation Pty Ltd will accept no responsibility for wardrobe, sets or other materials which may be permanantly marked as a result of use of this product.


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