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Ripper FX Pure 99% Isopropyl Alcohol 125ml - 5 Litres

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Ripper FX Pure 99%  Isopropyl Alcohol  125ml - 5 Litres
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99.8% Pure Isopropyl Alcohol 125ml - 5 Litres - Rubbing Isopropanol Cleanser

Ideal for use with alcohol activated colour palettes or for brush cleaning.
Isopropyl alcohol is one of the most useful service aids you can have around. It has many of uses such as head cleaning, surface cleaning and prep, contact cleaning, stain removal in the laundry etc. 
It's also a medical-grade surface disinfectant and is ideal for cleaning your windscreen before you put your new rego label on.

Isopropyl is widely as a solvent and as a cleaning fluid, especially for dissolving lipophilic contaminants such as oil. Examples of this use include cleaning LCD and glass computer monitor screens (at some risk to the anti-reflection coating of some screens), 

Isopropyl alcohol also works well at removing smudges, dirt, and fingerprints from mobile phones and tablets. 

It is effective at removing residual glue from some sticky labels.

It can also be used to remove stains from most fabrics, wood, cotton, etc.

All products are made to professional salon quality

It comes in 125ml to 5L.

Available in sizes:

125ml Spray
250ml Spray or Screw top
500ml Screw
1 Litre Screw
5 Litres Screw

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