Ripper FX Concentrate - Blood Colours

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Product Overview

Ripper FX Concentrate - Various Blood Colours

A thicker Air FX Liquid that can be used in larger airbrush machines. Creates a thicker denser spray that can be used to cover larger areas quickly.

The liquid can also be used to hand paint onto the skin or use in a flicking effect.

This concentrate liquid can also be used to cover tattoos by hand or by using an airbrush.

Preferred choice for prosthetics and Special FX . Can be used neat or diluted down to suit the airbrush.


  • Vegan Formula
  • Waterproof
  • Large selection of colors matching all our palettes.

60ml. Larger quantities available on request.


 ** Contains alcohol FLAMMABLE must be shipped land only cannot be shipped express. **





(No reviews yet) Write a Review