Special FX Kit E - HECATE

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Special FX Kit E - HECATE

Ripper Special FX Kit E - Skin Worx Kit

Save 20% with this combined special FX kit for creating skin effects.  Perfect for those interested in Special FX


1 x Appearance Ink Palette
1 x Sunburn Liquid 100ml Spray (Fully Waterproof) Pinky Shade
1 x Gloss Sealer Spray 100ml (Fully Waterproof)
1 x Slime Thick 30ml

How To Use:

100% Isopropyl alcohol is required to activate these palettes. Once activate thin to the required level and paint directly on the skin. Once dry the colour will be completely waterproof.

Sunburn Liquid  - Spray directly on the skin and work in with hands or a brush or decanting onto  a palette and use a buffing brush to paint onto the skin. Once dry the Sunburnt is fully waterproof. Sunburn shade has a pinky undertone.

Clear Gloss Sealer - Do you want to seal but not comepletely matte your product. This Ripper Fx Gloss sealer with seal with 1 spray and add life to the skin. Add more sprays and a gloss effcet will sptart to appear. Great for monsters and prosthetics were a sheen effect is required.

Both the above product5s are suitable for silicone and latex prosthetics.

Slime: This waterbased slime is thick in texture and will oozze and drop from a desired surface. Suitable for the skin or prosthetics. Contains a small amount of glycerine to prevent the product drying out on the skin.

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