Skin Effects Kit - Yoko

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Skin Effects Kit - Yoko

Skin Effects Kit - Yoko

A collection of some Ripper FX skin effects products. Create all manner of skin effects using this collection.

Psoriasis Cream 30ml (Please select colour)
Sweat Concentrate 30ml
Slime 30ml
Cracked Lips 30ml

Tips for the effects included:

Apply paste to the skin. Spread in the area you wish to be crusty and dry. Allow to air dry.

Once dry you can stretch the skin to cause further cracking or peel away pieces to reveal smooth skin underneath.

Colour with creams or alcohol inks to create depth or soreness.

To Remove:
Soak area in water and gently rub away using a cloth or KUU Konjac sponge.

Sweat: Apply to areas requiring sweat using a sponge or brush.

Slime: This slime can be poured onto the skin, prosthetics pieces or silicone monsters. Will not leave any staining. Completely safe. 

Cracked Lips: Need a cracked lip effect for dryness or sore lips. Just apply this paste to dry lips and allow to dry. It will automatically cause the lips to pucker and crease. Add more layers for severe cases and colour with makeup for your chosen effect.

Remove with a hot towel or baby wipe.


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