Ripper FX Dirt Dust Desert 20g - 2Kg

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Ripper FX Dirt Dust Desert  20g - 2Kg

Ripper FX Dirt Dust - Desert  20g - 2Kg

A pure pigment designed for film, TV and Theatre to simulate dirt dust. Powder can be added to puffer bags, sprinkled on the skin, blown through a puffer to add a film of dust to the skin.

Water can be spritzed on top to increase the colour. Powder can also be added to water to create a dirt wash for extras.

Can be easily removed with baby wipes or soap and water.

20g, 50g, 100g, 250g, 500g , 1Kg and 2Kg

Colours Available:
Volcanic, D. Brown, Brun, Light Brun, Foxy, Muddy, Soot, Grease and Concrete.

All our colours match those available in our liquid, fast dry and waterproof dirt ranges.

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