Mixed Liquid Bloods Kit - Salem

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Mixed  Liquid Bloods Kit - Salem

Ripper Mixed Liquid Blood Kit - Salem

Save 20% with this combined mixed blood kit.

A collection of 5 of our most popular blood liquids. A great starter kit for anyone looking to add bloods to their kit or experiment special fx or Halloween.

This pack includes our minty mouth blood which can be fully applied directly in the mouth or filled into gelatine mouth capsules.

1 x Aged Liquid Blood 30ml
1 x Runny Fresh Liquid Blood 30ml
1 x Mouth Fresh Blood 30ml (mint flavour)
1 x Runny Dark Liquid Blood 30ml
1 x thick and Fresh Liquid Blood 30ml

All our bloods are:
* Vegan
* Non Staining
* Made in Australia
* Available in a variety of shades and thickness's
* Tried and Tested in the film industry.

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