Mixed Jar Bloods Kit 3

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Ripper Mixed Blood Kit 2

A collection of 5 of our most popular jar bloods. A perfect kit to create all types of wound effects. Each blood has a separate quality of colour, depth or look.
Scab blood is matte effect dark blood which will add great depth to any wound whilst scratch blood can be used with stipple sponges to create a scratch and wound effect quickly.

Save 20% with this combined mixed blood kit.

1 x Scab dark 30ml
1 x Jelly Fresh 30ml
1 x Jelly Dark 30ml
1 x Clot Dark 30ml
1 x Scratch 30ml 

Our Bloods:
* Vegan
* Non Staining
* Colour Tested
* Tried and tested in the film industry.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review