Complete Wax Modelling Kit - Lilith

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Complete Wax Modelling Kit - Lilith

Ripper FX Complete Wax Modelling Kit - Lilith

Need to create wax wounds? This kit contains everything you need to apply, stick, seal and remove wax wounds.

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55g Nose & Scar Modelling Wax (please choose colour)

50ml Liquid Latex

30ml Spirit gum

50ml Spirit gum remover

Scab Dark 30ml

Runny fresh blood 30ml

Isopropyl Alcohol 50ml


Step 1: Add spirit gum to the area you wish to apply the wax.

Step 2: Wax the warm between your fingers then apply on top of the spirit gum and push into shape using your fingers or a metal spatula. Blend out the edges until the wound looks like part of the skin. Hard edges can be blended with our Ripper FX Isopropyl Alcohol (sold separately)to blend the edges away to nothing. once you are happy with your wounds you are ready to seal.

Step 3: On the completed would stipple latex over the top to seal the wound on to the skin. allow to dry. do multiple coats if required.

Step 4 : Add clot blood inside was wound for depth. add runny blood if required.

Step 5: Once you have finished with the wound remove from the skin with the spirit gum remover.

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